AMSAT-ZL and the KiwiSAT Team are grateful for the willing support of:

Support for Space-frame Technology, Space Environmental Testing and Battery Analysis.

Electronic circuit design and construction assistance by Novozone Ltd. specialists in ozone applications for air and water purification.

Prototype design development, assembly, and testing of KiwiSAT's U/V transponder.

Austin Green

Original operating system/bootloader and ADAC software development.

Horizon camera design/construction and assistance with general satellite housekeeping software development.

RF cables and connectors donated by InTELCOM SERVICES LTD. and Huber & Suhner (Australia) PTY LTD

Shake table for structural integrity testing

Battery analysis equipment and software

Spacecraft Ground Support Equipment (Clean-Box) air filtration design assistance.

Tyco Electronics is proud to support the Kiwi-Sat project with the supply of space qualified heat-shrink material.

ASTRONAUTIC TECHNOLOGY(M) SDN. BHD. For location and provision of small quantity space quality RF components in support of the U/V transponder

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare for Facilities and expertise for structure and component vibration testing.

Rakon Limited is a world leader in the development of high performance frequency control technology based on quartz crystals, which lie at the heart of all electronic products.

Assembly tooling and space materials aquisition/assistance

For graphics in support of the ADAC telemetry download and processing software.

Glue Guru Industrial supporting KiwiSAT with specialised structural compounds/adhesives

Specialist in Precision, Production and Model Engineering - manufacturer of KiwiSAT's space-frame.

Johnson Aero - aeronautics and astronautics projects - from sea to shining star.