3-Axis Magnetometer

To measure the magnetic field at any instance, a Honeywell HMR2300 3-axis magnetometer will be flown. This has a range of +/- 2 Gauss and a resolution of <70 mGauss. A heading resolution of 0.1° is claimed.

The data from this, used in conjunction with British and US Geological Survey data, is expected to provide good attitude data (5 ° and 10 ° Lat./Lon resolutions are available using the IGRF field model). Attitude changes using the magnetorque coils will be clearly displayed by this unit. There are currently no plans to fly permanent magnetic material in the satellite but it may be prudent to incorporate some anti-spin high permeability rods if it is decided to use a painted strip (Radiometer) to induce passive thermal stability spin after the science package experiments are completed. That should not affect the magnetometer once it is calibrated. An internal calibration system is included in the sensor electronics.

Readings will need to be time tagged and stored for download on ground command.

[Timing of Magnetometer readings must be controlled to take place between magnetorque pulses; an interlock system will be required in the software. This is not seen as a particular complication.]

Honeywell magnetometer head Honeywell Magnetometer Head
Magnetometer dmonstration / test rig Honeywell Magnetometer Head Magnetometer Head trial/demonstrator rig.