A New Zealand Satellite

We are a group of radio amateurs, students, scientists, and engineers that have designed, built, and tested a New Zealand satellite. We are now actively pursuing launch opportunities for a low earth orbit.


KiwiSAT carries an amateur radio linear transponder with inputs on 430 and 1260 MHz and output and beacon on 145 MHz. It also includes a camera and digital file transfer capability.



KiwiSAT includes two exciting science experiments: an Ionospheric Research Project that allows characterization of the ionosphere to improve the accuracy of Earth observations related to climate change and an Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem to refine the state of the art in small satellite control.

Ionospheric Research  ➚



The design, fabrication, and eventual operation of the satellite involves a wide variety of engineering disciplines from battery technology to space frame construction to ground station capability.


AMSAT-ZL is indebted to the various NZART Branches, the many individual ZL amateurs, and the amateur radio community around the world, who have contributed magnanimously to help finance this pioneering project. More ...


KiwiSAT is an orbiting satellite project by radio amateurs under a strict "not-for-profit" regime and should not be confused with KiwiSat, a commercial ground based animal tracking transmitter. As prime owners of the name KiwiSAT, AMSAT-ZL permit its use in the lower case format (KiwiSat 101) by Lotek for their earth bound animal tracking transmitter unit.