Project Funding

AMSAT-ZL gratefully acknowledges the many sponsors who have assisted with services or hardware.

This project was funded by radio amateurs through personal and club donations, and by membership of AMSAT-ZL.

It is pleasing to see the "Kiwi Ingenuity" achieving so much from what, in space project terms, is so little.

30 August 2016

It is pleasing to report that with the generosity of so many groups and individuals both in New Zealand and around the world we have been able to complete the development and construction to flight-ready operational status. (See Status)

Outstanding are final integration, vacuum chamber testing (unfortunately not available in Auckland), software development, registration, and launch. It is currently anticipated that suitable vacuum chambers will be available in Christchurch. This will mean some additional travel cost as transporting the integrated structure is a significant expense either in the purchase of a seat and/or an expensive freight box.

To date the project has cost approximately NZ$45,000 with all hardware required to complete KiwiSAT in hand. Ahead of us is the relatively huge cost of the launch which involves not just the cost of the launch itself but the necessary support and required travel.

AMSAT-ZL is confident that a sponsor can be found who will ensure our KiwiSAT flies.

Solar Cell Special Funding

Wellington VHF Group

Hands of support - $10,000

With the original target of NZ$35,000 in mind, AMSAT-ZL looked for a major sponsor and found one in the Wellington VHF Group. A unsolicited contribution of NZ$10,000 was presented to AMSAT-ZL exclusively to provide for the necessary Solar cells.

At the 2007 Easter VHF Convention, Wellington VHF Group Secretary, Dick Greenbank, ZL2TGQ, presented a cheque for $10,000 to AMZAT-ZL. In response AMSAT-ZL set up a dedicated Solar cell procurement fund.

In true spirit of cooperation, suitable cells were located and purchased at a considerable saving. As the purchase price and attachment costs were well short of this amount, AMSAT-ZL was legally bound to return the unused portion of the donation. In a magnanimous gesture The Wellington VHF Group in turn made a further generous donation to KiwiSAT.