Operating Information for Users

Amateur radio will be used for all communications with the satellite. This includes Control and Data acquisition, Science experiment Control and Reporting.

All radio systems will operate in accordance with the requirements of the ITU-R Amateur Satellite Service.

Both linear and FM amateur radio transponders will be carried and it is intended that these will be available in both modes alternatively with uplinks in the 70 & 23 cm amateur satellite bands and downlink in the 2 metre satellite band.

Several beacons will be carried and all will have basic parameters in common code. It is intended that all data including that from the science experiment will be in a common code format.

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KiwiSAT will fly in a Low Earth Orbit.

The target will be to achieve a launch into a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of approximately 800km with a period of about 100 minutes.


If you are a newcomer to satellites then the RSGB RadComm article "Getting started on amateur radio satellites" is recommended. This is available here , in PDF form, from AMSAT-UK.