KiwiSAT, Status - March '12

Current Status (13/8/2013)

KiwiSAT. All systems are now fight ready.


Final integration - All hardware is complete and KiwiSAT is operational. Final integration to launch ready awaits completion of command and control testing.

Launch negotiation - now underway in New Zealand.

Flight Software - Software is developing on three fronts;

  1. Boot loader/Operating System  
    Work on the boot loader being carried out by Clayton (ZL3TKA) is now complete and tested. A period of intensive reliability testing has commenced.

    AMSAT-ZL Clean Room

    Assuming there are no unforeseen snags the two ROM chips containing the code – currently in flash form in sockets on the IHU Main Board - will then be burnt onto non volatile memory IC’s and permanently mounted. At that point a vigorous launch sponsorship campaign in conjunction with pre-flight testing and calibration is planned.
  2. ADAC Application Software
    Whilst not absolutely essential pre-launch, it is considered highly desirable to complete the (non-ADAC) operational software whilst the satellite is in the clean area and a small team have expressed an interest in a coordinated approach to this activity.
    AMSAT-ZL volunteer Dr Jon Henderson is providing a very active supervisory role on Massey University Masters student Kirill Makarov for this activity and progress is now excellent in this area. The sponsorship of Kirill by the NZART Radioscience Educational Trust has breathed some extra enthusiasm into this aspect of KiwiSAT and is greatly appreciated. (See ADAC Status section for details)
  3. Ground Station Telemetry Decode Program
    Terry (ZL2BAC) took on the development of the ground-station telemetry decode software and great progress is being made. The Telemetry update posted on 21 December provides the basic information on this and Terry is happy to communicate directly with those having particular interest in this aspect. See Telemetry page for more details.

Regulatory requirements - Registration is under action.

The Structure. -

From the bottom of KiwiSAT and working up.

Tray No 1.

Transmitter Tray

The Transmitter tray is completed to Flight Ready status. Now integrated into final assembly. System meets all expectations.





Tray No 2.

Central Power Control

The BCR (Battery Charge Regulator) is completed and integrated into final assembly system. Currently active in controlling power from Solar cell simulators to the fully integrated KiwiSAT unit.




Tray No 3.

Battery tray System Battery

The battery tray. While this tray is completed and ready for flight. A spare set of batteries are being used during the bench testing in the Clean Room at Albany.




Tray No 4.

Onboard Computer IHU

The IHU and RAM disk
The IHU (or Integrated Housekeeping Unit) is the essential central satellite system control computer.

This unit is completed and integrated into the final assembly unit now under software development.



Tray No 5 -The receivers.

Receiver Tray Receiver Tray

This completed tray holds the a 70 cm linear transponder receiver and two 70cm FM receivers, one for the FM transponder, the other a telemetry receiver for control and command.

This completed system is integrated into the final assembly unit and running "on-air" using antenna external to the Albany AMSAT-ZL/Massey University Clean Room.


The Attic.

Science Attic Science Attic

Completed and integrated into the final assembly unit.





Looming Up

Inter-tray connection emulator. Completed Flight Loom

Wiring of the frame, part of the final integration, is now complete with tidy-up work left before being marked off as "flight ready." The assembly is one step away from becoming the fully integrated KiwiSAT.



Ground Testing

Clean Room Test Antenna Flight-ready Solar Panels

KiwiSAT, in its flight configuration, isin its special Clean Box at the QTH of Ian, ZL1AOX. A remote antenna system allows live testing in flight mode.

The accompanying antenna photgraph shows the system used at Massey University beforethe re-siting of KiwiSAT to gthe hill-top QTH of Ian, ZL21AOX.


Solar Panels

Solar Panel Set Flight-ready Solar Panels

The six flight solar panels are now assembled and tested awaiting final integration. Note the featured picture shows two of the four side panels plus the top and bottom (+Z/-Z) panels, there being the fewest panels on the bottom panel.



AMSAT-ZL Clean Room

KiwiSAT Clean Box. KiwiSAT Clean Box!

With gthe development work completed and testing well advanced, KiwiSAT has been placed in KiwiSAT in its own Clean Box ready for the launch. This allows for safe transportation, continued testing and easy demonstration to our vital launch sponsors.

AMSAT-ZL appreciate the professional assistance of the Fan and Filter suppliers who assisted with the provision of the air-inlet filter system.


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