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Welcome to KiwiSAT
- A Satellite Project by AMSAT-ZL

KiwiSAT - taking New Zealand into space!

Project Overview & Current Status (ADAC update - 2 September 2015)

We're not just building a satellite, we're helping Massey University in Auckland develop a satellite command station and space capable laboratory facilities.


Main frame base. On the move.

On the Move:

In its own miniature"clean room" KiwiSAT has been moved to Papakura for final testing and calibration, a procedure that could not be carried out in Massey's Albany complex.


KiwiSAT will carry both amateur radio communications; and a scientific experiment in small satellite attitude control (ADAC).
KiwiSAT development is completed ready for launch into a LEO orbit. Target launch date is on hold while a sotware review is completed.


KiwiSAT to carry environmental experiment! More ..

ADAC - Attitude Determination And Control Experiment More ...
Transponder "on air" in the AMSAT-ZL Clean-room. More ...


KiwiSAT Engineering - Fred Kennedy - purpose built Vacuum Chamber

KiwiSAT Engineering - Inside the Clean Room at Massey's Albany Campus[pending]
PCB Assembly and Translator Test - Video

BCR - Battery Charge Regulator - design philosophy - Hans Holtz, ZL1HB - Video

Main Framing Construction

Main frame base. Underside of Base Frame

Mike Jack of Stanier Engineering, a small specialist precision engineering company based in Auckland, milled the main frame from solid blocks of Aluminium.

Video: Mike and his CNC milling machine in action

We are most grateful to Mike for the use of his costly machinery and for donating his very valuable time to this project.

KiwiSAT to carry environmental experiment! More ..



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This project is financed entirely by voluntary donation. To play a part in his project, you can make a secure contribution using this PayPal Donations button.

Your support is important to our team.

AMSAT-ZL is indebted to the various NZART Branches, the many individual ZL amateurs, and the amateur radio community around the world, who have contributed magnanimously to help finance this pioneering project. More ...

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KiwiSAT is an orbiting satellite project by radio amateurs under a strict "not-for-profit" regime and should not be confused with KiwiSat, a commercial ground based animal tracking transmitter. As prime owners of the name KiwiSAT, AMSAT-ZL permit its use in the lower case format (KiwiSat 101) by SIRTRACK for their earth bound animal tracking transmitter unit.


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