KiwiSAT, Flight Module Trials


Final pre-launch configuration

The KiwiSAT is "on air" from the Clean Evironment Chamber at the QTH of Ian, ZL1AOX.

Meanwhile the solar panels are being upgraded and a new battery pack (Flight Pack) to replace the test and trial unit is being engineered.

* Transponder: Inverting type (Orbital Doppler shift compensation)
* Transmit Power: 2 Watts PEP.
* Beacon frequency: 145.885 MHz
* Uplink: (U-Band) 435.265 to 435.235 MHZ LSB or
* Uplink: (L-Band) 1268.880 to 1268.850 MHz LSB
* Down link: 145.850 to 145.880 MHz USB
Note: A trial transmission on 435.2544 LSB comes out at 145.860 USB

Clean Room Test Antenna Clean Room Test Antenna

Being a linear transponder 30kHz wide, any mode can be used. FM is discouraged (but not banned). Amateur stations are encouraged to try out the transponder. 



Reports welcome to < zl3ql(at) >




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